TikTok – The Marketers’ Gold Rush

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A few years ago, TikTok ran an aggressive advertising campaign across a range of social media platforms. To be honest, it’s a miracle if you didn’t see one of the odd-looking sound-dubbed dance videos on your Facebook feed.

Either you downloaded the app as a joke (as claimed on many content creators’ bios), or you said, “Alright then!!!” and surrendered to the persistent ads. Either way, you entered a new wave of social media and marketing.

Whether you’re actually on TikTok or not, there’s a few things that stand out in comparison to your traditional Instagram, Twitter and Facebook:

Firstly, people are getting way more personal, and the thought “too much info” might have crossed your mind on a few occasions.

Secondly, anything can be a joke, but you better be politically correct because Gen-Z has no time for people who aren’t woke in today’s social issues.

Thirdly, businesses are flocking to the platform like it’s the California Gold Rush of the mid-1800s. And it kind of is!

Boasting with the highest per-post-engagement rates on all social media and over 800 million active users across the globe, the platform has immense potential for today’s businesses. A new generation of influencers means low acquisition costs, while the style of content provides an opportunity for brands to let loose and achieve that sought-after customer loyalty from a young age.

Early bird adapter gets the worm!

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