The ‘out of the box’ subscription boxes

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Picture this: you wake up in your fresh sheets, courtesy of yesterday’s clean laundry delivery. You get up, pop a pod in your coffee machine, today’s flavour is caramelised pistachio, all new from your monthly brew subscription. In the shower, you wish that the new set of razor heads would hurry up because your last one is a little rusty around the edges.

As you lather yourself with the scented moisturiser from your quarter-annual beauty box, you hear the doorbell ring. Oh, rats. You run downstairs, tying your robe as you stumble to the door where you meet the delivery guy impatiently inquiring “Where shall I put this week’s water buffalo shaped bouncy castle?” as you start to sober up from the fever dream.

I got you right until the end, didn’t I? But realistically, someone is probably developing that last idea as we speak. After all, it’s the only one out of the story that sounds unfamiliar. Today, you can find a subscription box for just about anything, examples include but are not limited to:


  1. Magic-making sets or straight-up Harry Potter merch every 30 days


  1. Monthly scented car air freshener box


  1. Quarter-annual flavoured butter subscription


You might be thinking “Who on earth…?” but bear in mind that a marketer’s worst enemy is the false consensus bias! This means assuming that people around you behave and think just like you. So maybe you’re the silly one for not packing your product in a monthly box, whether it be digital or tangible…

If you are in the business of mammal shaped entertainment instalments and are thinking of using a subscription model, we’ve got you covered!

P.S. Other sectors welcome too, you can shoot us an email ([email protected]) or give us a ring to 07496 59256

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